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Floralite is a weight loss supplement designed to rebalance your gut flora and supercharge your metabolism using a blend of 56 different vitamins, minerals, polyphenol compounds, herbal extracts, and probiotic compounds.


What is Floralite?

Floralite is a weight loss supplement that focuses on the utility of probiotics to manipulate the hormonal behavior of our body in general. According to recent studies, probiotics have been seen to make your metabolism faster because of specific natural chemical reactions happening inside your body. Floralite, as its name suggests, gives you a “lighter” feeling by nourishing your gut “flora” with the proper nutrients and supporting ingredients. Floralite does not require any change to your lifestyle. You can stick to your diet. You can sit all day and do nothing. It just begs you to religiously take the supplement daily so that your probiotic bacteria will multiply and do their job from inside your very body.

How Does Floralite Work?

Floralite works by treating the root cause of weight gain and obesity. It takes care of your overall health and immune system. 

It works is by rebalancing your gut microbiome. The microbiome is a collection of bacteria in your gut that are responsible for your digestion, enzyme production, and metabolic functions.

As a powerful blend of probiotics, the supplement adds good bacteria to the gut and improves your intestinal flora. Simultaneously, it destroys the bad microbe and strengthens your metabolic system. This way, it burns the excess fat in your body. 

With this microbial rebalancing, the target weight loss starts, leaving behind a slimmer body.

Floralite Benefits

Better Gut Health and Digestion

It provides excellent probiotic and prebiotic coverage for people who have problems in their digestion, most especially those who eat unhealthy diets all the time. By getting in more probiotics, you can also protect yourself from harmful bacteria that may infect your gastrointestinal tract in the long run.

Better Immune System

It also helps improve your immune system function since most of your immune system is found in your gut. Also the fact that these probiotic bacteria release chemical components that stimulate the production of white blood cells, which is crucial in the overall defenses of our body.

Weight Loss

The beneficial bacteria in your gut have a profound effect on your metabolism. Studies have shown that imbalanced gut flora can negatively impact your digestion and metabolic function. Reversing this imbalance can significantly improve your metabolic process and help you burn fat all day long so you can lose weight.

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

One more benefit that you’ll surely love with probiotics is that they can help stabilize your hormonal levels to their regular capacity. This means that with a stable supply of probiotic bacteria, you can have fewer incidences of hormonal imbalance, which can cause stress, insomnia, depression, or anxiety.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation plays a huge role in your immune system function as well as your overall health. When harmful bacteria overtake the good bacteria, inflammation can overtake your body, leading to swelling, pain, and other issues. It contains several potent polyphenol compounds that help to reverse this inflammation.

Higher Energy Levels

An imbalanced gut leads to sluggishness and poor digestion, which puts a damper on your energy levels. This is why you may feel tired, unfocused, and generally unwell. It helps to reverse this to help you sustain your energy levels all day long.